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My Story

My name is Stephen Glowacki and I'm originally from Davenport, Iowa, USA. Today I do most of my creative art work from Loveland, Colorado, USA.

I find inspiration in many places around the world, primarily the West.  Monterey California, Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, Arizona and the Southwest have influenced my creative style and process. 

I create art because I just have a need to. I specialize in oils and watercolor and focus on seascapes, landscapes and portraits. I also enjoy working with pencil.

My art style is abstract realism. I am motivated by the beauty of nature and have been creating art for 45 years. My favorite artists are Andrew Wyeth, John Singer Sargent and other artists too numerous to mention.

I intend for others to experience the glory of God's green earth when they see my work.


Once we returned to some form of normalcy I will be posting my schedule here!


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T - 970-646-3492

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